I’m an unconventional and independent freelance photographer in Boise, Idaho. I’m informal and bold and relentless. I photograph artists, musicians, models, bands, and inspiring and creative people. Event photography is my passion. I’ve been published online and in print. You can get an idea of the kind of work I produce by looking through the images here on my site. I’m a very friendly sort of person, and I love people. I’m a bit of a comedian and I’m very likely to strike up a conversation with strangers. Because of my anti-authoritarian nature, I’m fond of counter-cultures and any cause or movement that feeds the body and frees the soul. If you’re considering working with me on a project, know that you’ll be working with an outgoing, interactive, and animated person that will capture your event and your vendors.

I shoot with a professional DSLR (Nikon) and I edit with Lightroom.  I provide finished images to DropBox or thumb drive. I love the challenge associated with capturing live action sports such as the surfers at Quinn’s Pond ( Boise WhiteWater Park ) here in Boise, or the BMX racers in Eagle, or any other sporting event.

I’ll work with you to create a list of people and elements in your event that must be photographed or given priority such as VIP, vendors, and featured acts.

I’ve photographed the Idaho Potato Drop for the last 4 years. This is an event that’ll challenge any photographer. It runs all day and night, and the lighting conditions change rapidly. There’s no end to the activities, so there’s no stopping, if you’re going to capture the event adequately. The temperature at night, which is usually 17 to 23 degrees, can stop some cameras from functioning. Going from the cold outside to inside of one of the tents, like the family tent, will cause a camera’s lens to fog up immediately. For me, the challenge of photographing events in tough conditions drives me to try even harder to get the shots.

I’ve covered quite a number of Boise’s annual celebrations and parades, including the Boise Hempfest, Pridefest, Art In The Park, The Western Idaho Fair, TreeFort, Hyde Park, and others. Many of the photos I’ve captured are unique and one-of-a-kind, because I was the only photographer there. Below is a gallery of images I’ve taken over the past 7 years here in Boise.

You can email me at Terry@TerranceWelch.Com or text me at 208-573-0484.

You can email me at Terry@TerranceWelch.Com or text me at 208-573-0484.