Idaho Potato Drop prep 12-28-2018

Idaho Potato Drop prep 12-28-2018.

Once again, the wonderful people of Boise will join hands to celebrate our loves and our losses, and to say Thank You that we were there to share ourselves and what we were passionate about, and to welcome in the New Year with faith and trust in You.

As the days get closer to 2019, I’ll be adding pictures of the event as it unfolds. This year I’ll also post the full resolution versions without watermarks on DropBox at

The photos are free to download and use. Please credit TerranceWelch.Com so that other people can find and download these images.


A Greenbelt Walk in Boise, Idaho

I walked from Ann Morrison to Quinn’s Pond, to the old bridge, and back, weighted down with gear. I stopped by Idaho Camera today and picked up the last of what I need for the Idaho Potato Drop. Today was test-day. I got an email back from Sandi that meant the world to me. I’m ready to document a great event.