TreeFort 2024, Day 2 2024

TreeFort 2024, Day 2

Day 2 of Boise's TreeFort in 2024. I was super early to Built To Spill's performance, and I took a few photos for The Boise Beat. Mixed in with Doug, …
TreeFort 2024, Day 1 2024

TreeFort 2024, Day 1

Thanks very much to Gordie at The Boise Beat for helping me get a photographer's media pass for this amazing mosh pit of music, technology, hippies, h…
Treefort 2022, day 2 2022

Treefort 2022, day 2

Day 2 of Treefort 2022 in Boise, Idaho. I try to offer a place for musicians and artists to crash out during Treefort while in Boise. This year Dakota…