TreeFort 2024, Day 1

Thanks very much to Gordie at The Boise Beat for helping me get a photographer’s media pass for this amazing mosh pit of music, technology, hippies, hipsters, and bomb-ass writers. Some of the photos I took this year were used in an article about one of Boise’s most rad bands, Built To Spill. I don’t know what else to say except to give thanks to the universe/God/dess for helping me do what I love to do.

Just a note about this first day’s photographs: it was seriously dark in the two venues I photographed in. Like, DARK DARK. Of all the 908 photos I took on this day, these were the only ones I could scrape out of the darkness. Each photo took at least 30 minutes to edit, and most took 45 minutes. I used a 10-24mm for most of these, and a 40mm prime for the others. I loved the challenge of extrapolating an image from nearly pure darkness, and I was once again reminded that using a ridiculously high ISO is not a crime. Lesson learned.

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