Marshall Poole, Halloween 2019, Boise, Idaho

I contacted the manager of the Marshall Poole band in Boise, Idaho to ask if I could take photographs and video of their October 31st ( Halloween ) concert at the Neurolux. It was the first time I’d taken video of anything important, so I screwed most of it up (but I learned a lot). However, as bad as the audio is, it’s still one of the only videos of Marshall Poole that night. Obviously I went to film Melanie Radford because I know genius when I see it, but I also enjoy Marshall Poole’s music.

If there are any sound engineers that can work magic on this audio, I’d love to hear from you.

EDIT 10-1-2023, in checking whether Marshall Poole has any upcoming concerts here in Boise, I discovered they they let their webpage expire. I bought it and redirected it here so that there’s at least some content available. If Melanie or anyone with Marshall Poole wants the domain back, I’d be happy to turn if over to them. Contact me at .

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